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Stefano Favaretto

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Favaretto 's artistic research aims to investigate in a profound and systematic way the existence of an indispensable union between a so - called "invisible or invisible" universe made of energies, frequencies, vibrations, particular figures apparently not perceivable at all to the human eye and what instead represents the visible or more material world. You could also define the attempt to demonstrate the famous union between God understood as the energetic whole and nature, soul and cosmos and not physical matter, trying to remove that veil that has not always allowed us to see what is behind the matter and always around us in a single macrocosm. His attempt is to break down the boundaries between physical and non-physical by going deeper into human spirituality understood as the overcoming of the tangible matter towards something invisible from which life originates or from which the purpose of existing comes.

His deep research investigates elements that have always been the bridge between the two supposed universes (physical and not physical). One of these elements is that of the myth intended as a tool to arrive at a greater understanding of what surrounds us. Through the narration of myth we connect real or really existed elements to surreal or fantastic elements that have been deposited in the collective unconscious for centuries and not for this reason considered not existing (think of the myth of Christmas or angels). In the myth according to Favaretto precious information is deposited on the rites, traditions and beliefs of a people, often dictated by a particular observation of reality. Exploring this mythical reality we can succeed in grasping or demonstrating that the human being has always tried to "go beyond" and to be able to confirm the existence of a universe we do not see.

Favaretto tries to immortalise a reality that is there before our eyes, makes it emerge in the open and through the mirroring reveals it to the world in its entirety and form. This is how incredible figures emerge, sometimes scary because unknown to us and sometimes very similar to those described in mythological local and popular narratives.

The use of materials on which to print such as rock, marble and wood is used to bring the viewer a continuity in the research and to maintain the physical-non-physical duality in the conceptual uniqueness. In the work printed on precious materials, the importance of nature as an engine of humanity and as a container of human existence is deliberately highlighted.

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Valerio Toninelli

Valerio Toninelli is a Tuscan artist, born in Pistoia in 1951, in the same town as the world-famous sculptor Marino Marini (1901-1980). Married to Adriana, a woman of Sicilian origins but Tuscan by adoption, who accompanies and supports him in his multifaceted artistic activities in Italy and around the world.  Valerio Toninelli's pictorial art was initially inspired by the Macchiaioli, a Tuscan artistic movement of the second half of the nineteenth century, one of the most committed and innovative of the time, which sees the essence of the artistic work resulting from the contrast of color spots and of chiaroscuro.  Today Valerio Toninelli is an internationally renowned artist who is periodically invited around the world to perform his artistic performances, to take part in collective exhibitions or international art events. Suffice it to recall the recent invitation by the Government of the People's Republic of China for the "798th International Children Art Festival" in Beijing, one of the most important artistic events in China or the participation in the Biennale Arte Dolomiti by the very important Finnish world-famous Art Manager Paivi Tirkkonen, who saw international artists such as Yōko Ono and Marina Abramović being exhibited.

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